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  • Welcome! to the Never-Ending Squirrel Tale Web Site--the place to come for practical tips and encouragement for the parents of kids with cancer. It's written by other Moms and Dads in your shoes—the ones that have already started the journey.

    Poke around and see what we have to offer. If you're new to this site, keep checking back—Squirrel Tales was off line for a while, but it's on its way back. There will be plenty here for you to read, enjoy, and share.

    You'll surely want to make your first stop, You Know You're a Parent of a Kid with Cancer When .... It has been our biggest draw and will give you a moment to smile while you're in the thick of it. It spawned a couple sequels—You Know You're the Babysitter of a Kid with Cancer and most recently (and it's fast moving!), You Know You're a Teenager With Cancer. I hear all the time from moms and dads (and now the teenagers) that so many of the entries hit the nail on the head.

    Please help me share your story and let me know what pot holes I can fill or what roads we missed in mapping out the way.

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